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The (Associate)Creative Director role at Interbrand China is the position where the General Manager (who run our offices’ overall business) are moulded. This is a great responsibility – (Associate) Creative Directors are accountable for ultimate creative output and quality and are required to have clear understanding of Interbrand and our positioning and methodology.


Skills and Experience

-10+ years of closely branding / design related relevant work experience such as Creative director, Associate Creative Director, Design Director with creative team management experience.

- Excellent experience in major branding consultancies working on high profile clients on a variety of branding issues. Your work should be more than just great design and should have really effected business change with great results.

- Design skills and aesthetics should be a given.

- Clarity of thinking, delegation, effective use of other design staff and resource.

- Pushing hard for creative solutions that become leading examples of branding.


Working within the Interbrand structure

- Partner to Strategy and Business Development & Project Management lead and part of the overall management team.


Working with Clients

- Holding a number of clients directly as the main creative lead.

- Acting as the lead client-facing creative from Interbrand.

- Ability to understand complex client issues and gain gravitas in front of clients. Ability to see through different types of programmes and how branding and creative expression can solve problems.


Client Relationship

- Balancing the needs of a happy client with achieving leading creative work.

- Representing Interbrand not just creatively but in terms of experience, insight and attitude 

- Listening carefully to clients and developing the client relationship.

- Leading the presentation of creative work to the client in a clear compelling and inspiring way, demonstrating polished and articulate presentation skills.

- Growing new business from existing clients (this will be a key objective.)


Quality of Work

- Aesthetics of work should never be in question at this level - a primary focus will be quality and clarity of thinking and ability to articulate this to the client in a compelling way.

- Using his/her own time and that of other designers and resources effectively, ensuring that creative thinking is checked with the Consultants and Project Manager before work is undertaken by others.

- Leading others in terms of the brand idea creation and direction, taking responsibility for projects s/he owns creatively and ensuring delivery on the end deliverables.

- Building good cross-working relationships with the wider Interbrand discipline teams.

- Craft - demonstrating excellent quality of mark making and design vocabulary of work. Conceptually searching for a great idea that can drive the brand, concentrating on benchmarking ideas against the leading brands in the sector and developing ideas to create standout and differentiation against those leading brands.


Efficiency and effectiveness

- Having a financial understanding of what time and deliverables are required for each stage of a programme, in order to manage his/her own time and that of others. Liaising with the Project Management team to achieve this.

- Using tight insightful briefings, brainstorming and using other brand benchmarks to ensure a great and effective creative result.


People Development

- Responsible for mentoring and educating the team, particularly in aesthetics and brand idea creation.

- Playing an active and lead role in team training (in conjunction with HR)


Awards and profile

- Aiming to develop work which is the most effective it can be, and which with the correct measurement criteria should be a potential Design Effectiveness entry. Some projects may also have the potential for design and art direction entry. These goals should be identified before the project is kicked off creatively.


Specialist knowledge and craft skills

- Developing and promoting good aesthetics in typographic sensitivity and all other brand basic elements


Drive and Enthusiasm

- Having a high energy drive, being helpful and offering lots of encouragement - a joy to work with.

- Maintaining a positive attitude and working rapport with the Creative team and wider Interbrand employees.



- Being open, articulate, passionate and clear on what he/she is delivering.

- Building relationships and improving team morale, e.g. by working as much as possible face to face with colleagues.


New business and wider objectives

- Taking on a significant number of new business development pitches for Interbrand and using the creative team effectively to win.








45 年来,Interbrand始终是世界领先的品牌咨询公司,拥有具有开创性和标志性的全球品牌建设经验,打造了许多犹如教科书般的品牌建设工具及案例。 集团由领先的品牌咨询公司Interbrand、消费者及市场研究公司C Space、获得Webby奖项的品牌新闻网站Brandchannel,以及领先的播客Outside-In组成,还拥有两家专注在医疗健康领域的公司-- Interbrand Health和C Space Health。公司在全球拥有800多名品牌、创意、洞察和创新方面的专家。 在Interbrand我们知道,在当今快速发展的时代,人们对品牌的期望往往超前于业务的发展。递增式的改变只能让品牌不落后于市场。要想超越客户和竞争对手,需要采取更大胆的举措,我们将这些举措称为Iconic Move(标志性举措)。 在与世界领先品牌的合作中,我们的全球思想家和创客团队正在引领品牌建设的未来。通过将客户转变为积极的参与者,我们帮助客户不断强化自己的品牌——有信心实施Iconic Move(标志性举措),为品牌注入全新的成长动力,驱动卓越成就。









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