Marketing Specialist

10k - 14k 上海 · 上海市 / 经验1-3年 / 本科

2021.01.11 发布于德威国际教育集团招聘


Duties and Responsibilities:

Integrated Content Campaign Planning

Support the development of the Group’s content strategy, guidelines, and frameworks

Conceptualise, plan, resource, produce, develop and manage scalable content programmes in English that drive our overall narrative at the Group and school levels to attract and convert new audiences, and retain existing audiences; this includes developing the necessary resources (e.g. content calendars, video, copy, etc.) to support these content programmes

Develop stakeholder mapping frameworks and approaches to inform the content strategy

Develop creative and compelling content campaign ideas to maximise engagement of different audiences

Develop resources (e.g. frameworks, processes, templates, etc.) to guide content development and planning in schools to reach a breadth of key stakeholders (external audiences including media, parents, alumni, etc.) to support the overarching ‘attract-convert-retain’ strategy

Partner with the Martech and Digital Marketing Manager to leverage data and insights to inform the Group and school-level content strategies and approaches

Assist with SEO strategy (keyword research, pillar page production, create blog content to employ SEO strategy and build brand awareness, etc)

Partner with team to create content and copy for online advertisements and listings, email, print, and more

Assist in updating website content. Conduct regular content audits to optimise content performance across channels at the Group and school levels

Partner with schools to adapt Group-level strategies, frameworks, processes, and content to support the ‘attract-convert-retain’ goals at the school level


Content Development

Produce original, compelling, audience-centred content to build our reputation externally (including our parent and alumni communities); this includes but is not limited to social content, newsletters, publications, presentations, etc.

Plan and manage content across all Group channels (owned, earned, paid and shared)

Champion the brand voice, style and imagery of the Dulwich brand to drive differentiation

Be the evangelist of our editorial vision

Write the creative brief(s) for agencies, where relevant and partner with them to maximise value to our family of schools



Serve as subject expert and consultant in content development to schools to support their marketing and content publishing agenda

Support schools to build their capability for narrative development and story-telling through the combination of providing subject matter expertise and identifying relevant external support to enrich school resources and capabilities


2-3 years’ experience in content marketing and development, and communications

Exceptional English fluency with ability to originate content in English for international audiences and transcreate content from Mandarin to English

Experienced with PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office and InDesign

Excellent writing and story-telling skills with a strong design sensibility

Excellent project management and production skills

Familiarity with content standards, including brand and tone guidelines

Ability to manage and analyse blog, social and website analytics to inform our content and channel strategies, and make recommendations / improvements

A relevant portfolio of work to illustrate digital creative ability

Ability to work collaboratively with team members in different locations

Degree in communications, marketing, journalism or public relations discipline

Relevant experience in digital content / content marketing






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